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LEXICO Indonesia’s Jakarta-based team provides the analysis and legislation and regulation tracking to provide organizations clarity to make confident decisions going forward. Be the first to learn the scope of a draft bill, the impact to your sector and whether it will be passed and how it will be implemented.

There are 11 oversight commissions in the Indonesian parliament. We cover each one and identify the driving forces behind every piece of legislation as well as provide parliament and government hearing minutes along with our in-depth analysis to identify if these developments will impact your organization’s interests.

Indonesia’s political landscape is fast changing and it can sometimes be difficult for organizations to stay on top of the changes and understanding the political impacts to their industry or interests. We use our networks and relationships to understand the political dynamics and what’s behind the news headlines. We offer customized briefings for your team. Whether you need to understand the political dynamics impacting a bill or whether a cabinet reshuffle will affect the regulatory environment, we dig deep to provide our expert analysis so you can plan and forecast confidently

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As part of their oversight responsibilities and implementation of laws, including the State Budget and ancillary regulations, commissions in parliament have the right to establish hearings to investigate various issues and have the legal authority to summon both government officials and private sector executives to testify before commission members. Don’t be caught off guard. You can rely on us to get you up to speed on where the hearings stand, where it is headed and who might be called to attend. We provide executives with full background briefs, up-to-date details of where the hearing stands and provide parliamentary hearing preparation and assistance if they are summoned to ensure communication alignment along with effective talking points.

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We are ready to assist with advocacy from public policy events to Management to corporate government affairs training.


LEXICO Indonesia is deeply committed to the highest legal and ethical standards. We operate in full accordance with Indonesian and multinational codes of conduct in the public affairs industry including US's FCPA and UK's BA.